Ship maintenance and repair

​Odin Diving A/S has supervisors, divers and technicians with extensive experience in ship maintenance and repair. We have our own fabrication workshop and dive test tank. We offer a wide range of underwater services.

UWILD/In-water surveys

  • Underwater examinations for extension of Class
  • Pre/Post dry dock inspections
  • Grounding/damage survey for indentations, leakage and /or coating damage
  • Coating inspections
  • Pre/post video and still photos
  • Written report

Propellor repair

  • Removal of damaged blade sections
  • Cold straightening of propeller blades
  • Propeller cropping
  • Propeller crack repair
  • Replacement of C.P. blades
  • Replacement of blade seals

Underwater hull cleaning

  • High pressure water jetting
  • Hydraulic operated brushes
  • Low pressure grit blasting
  • Sea chest cleaning

Propellor polishing

  • Propellor polishing according to Rupert Scale
  • Multi-stage polishing
  • Pre and post polishing video and still photo documentation
  • Written report stating any anomalies and overall condition

Rope guard work

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Removal

Sacrificial anode installation

  • Bolted anodes
  • Welded anodes
  • Drop down anodes

Weld repairs

  • Dry weld permanent repair of shell plating by use of dry habitat
  • Dry weld installation/replacement of discharges, sea chests etc.
  • Temporary and permanent wet weld repairs to ANSI/AWS class “A”
  • All welding performed by certified wet welders and dry welders.
  • All procedures are class approved.

Installation of cofferdams

  • For installation of inserts or new valves
  • For making a dry habitat for dry welding

Valve Repair Solutions

  • Stock selection of intake blanks and discharge plugs
  • Fabrication of custom blanks

Non-Destructive Testing

  • UT         Thickness measurement by digital ultrasonic thickness meter
  • CP         Examination of the effect of cathodic protection
  • ACFM     Weld flaw & crack detection by alternating current field magnetic
  • MPI        Crack detection by magnetic particle inspection

All non-destructive testing performed by CSWIP inspection certified divers.

Repair and replacement

  • ICCP replacement
  • Speed log and echo sounder replacement
  • Rudder repairs and replacement
  • Bow/ and Stern Thruster repairs and replacement
  • Azimuth repairs and complete unit replacement

Underwater painting

  • Above and below splash zone
  • Corrosion protection of un-coated steel surfaces
  • Corrosion protection after welding, grinding, grit blasting etc.





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